Welcome to my site! I’m a musician married to a pretty computer geek 🙂 My wife finally got me into blogging… for all we know; she might be the one blogging on my behalf 😉

We’re putting together this site mainly for my students and future students. We’ll be uploading materials that will hopefully aid you as you learn music—music sheets, tabs, etc. We’ll also upload some of my original music here. We’ll try to make this site as friendly, useful and fun as possible.

Email me if you have any enquiries or if you want to take lessons. Thanks for visiting my site!

Emil Remo


4 thoughts on “emilremomusic.com

  1. Hooray for a great musician and his wonderful wife. (I’m not saying just because you’re my son) but, I enjoyed your blog. Great job Jacqui. Looking forward to more stuff. Love always, Mom.

    1. You are very blessed! An amazing artist with an intelligent and beautiful wife! Congratulations and much success! I am a huge fan!

  2. Ano yan….website? Hehe 🙂 This is great, excellent job Jacqui and Emil. You two make a great team. I can’t wait for Kai to start taking music lessons. How early can we start him? Anyways, great job on the website! We love you guys!

    Matt, Remee, Kai and Kessler

  3. Yay, this site is for me too – your future student! I could have been a pro by now if I started lessons when I came down in August of 2009. What was I not thinking!? ;D Two years wasted. I really wanted to try to start this month but since this Sunday is an HD, next Sunday is Father’s Day and the Sunday thereafter is Club Grad…it’ll have to be delayed until August since I’ll be at HQ in July. Really hope a spot is still available! I’m pushing myself to grab this opportunity, or I might really regret it! Can’t wait…

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