Guitar, Piano, Flute and Voice Lessons with Emil via Skype

Are you tired of driving to music lessons? Does your family move around a lot and can’t find a great music teacher in the area?

Then my music lessons (guitar, piano, flute, voice or a combination of any of the four) via Skype is definitely for you!

music lessons via skupe

I now have students who reside here in the US and the Philippines who have availed of this new service I offer. You can have quality music lessons without leaving the comfort of your own home.

I also cater to in-home lessons and regularly teach at 2 music studios in Riverside, CA and Chino, CA (please see my contact page for more information on this.

How to set-up music lessons with me via Skype:
**You must have high speed internet at home and your computer must have a webcam and mic.

(1) You must download and install Skype on your computer (if you don’t have this yet). This software is free to download at
(2) You must be able to make payments via Paypal. (I only charge $10 per half hour and $20 per hour plus paypal fees. You may refer to this site to compute fees).
(3) Schedule lessons.
(4) Add me as a Skype contact: emilremo
(5) Logon to Skype during our scheduled lessons.

If you want to start skype lessons (guitar, piano, flute or voice) with me, please send me an email at

Skype name: emilremo


6 thoughts on “Guitar, Piano, Flute and Voice Lessons with Emil via Skype

  1. Hello! I am Kristine. I’m from the Philippines. I am one of Emil Remo’s Skype students. I’m learning to play the Piano. It’s efficient having lessons via Skype especially with a busy schedule. I started having lessons when I was in the last year of college. As a graduating student I was really busy with all our school activities and my thesis. Yet, I had the time to learn music! I think learning music helped me a lot with school work. I had a better memory and my mind was at peace even with all the demands and responsibilities that were laid in front of me. It’s so cool that there is such a service like this. This is an offer anyone who wants to learn music must grab! Technology is there for a purpose, take advantage of it. Emil’s talent is also there for a purpose, take advantage of it! I’m thankful that I know a great musician like Emil who has the patience(which is rare) to teach and share what he has.

  2. Hurray for music and technology… Hurray for Teacher Emil and Skype! =) I’ve tried going to a music school near our place here in the Philippines, but sadly, I wasn’t satisfied with what was taught to me ;( Gladly, Teacher Emil who resides way across the globe offered me Skype Lessons! So we tried it, did my piano lessons with him 9PM my time, 6AM time in his part of the globe. And it worked! I was able to play hard core classical pieces as we go through the basics.
    Emil is a very encouraging teacher, he’ll teach you how to play in public as well =)
    Thanks to Emil’s skype lessons, I don’t have to try to figure out or settle with youtube tutorials. Haha. Plus, personally, he is the best music teacher ( Shifu )- that’s why I “follow” my teacher… ( in twitter, facebook, blog, and skype ).

  3. Skype lessons with Emil have provided us great flexibility and convenience. All from the comfort of our home, my daughter’s singing skills and her confidence have dramatically improved. Our experience has been wonderful, and we highly recommend him for lessons.

  4. Hi, I am really interested in your programme for guitar but it is quite pricey. I would like to schedule my first free guitar lesson and talk with you during that time about your fee. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

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