A New Beginning

My wife and I just got back from a most wonderful trip to the Philippines. One of the highlights of the trip was the wedding of my wife’s sister, Heide to Abraham.

Abraham and Heide Villanueva

Inspired by their love for each other, I composed a song for them called “A New Beginning” (arranged for guitar, flute and clarinet). The couple decided to use the song as Heide’s bridal March. We played the song live during the wedding: with Gerard Marquez on guitar, Sebastian Icasiano on clarinet and myself on flute. In this soundclip however, I recorded the clarinet part using the flute as well.

L-R: Ian Icasiano, Gerard Marquez and Emil Remo having fun after the wedding.

The entourage on the other hand marched to the tune of another one of my original songs, “Epiphany”. I originally composed this song for two hands–one on guitar and the other on piano. This song is composed of two movements (the 2nd movement begins at 2:33): the 1st is a more mellow movement that leads up to the 2nd–the actual “epiphany”.

What a lovely couple Abraham and Heide are and what a wonderful wedding they had… brought back fond memories of our own wedding from 3 years ago. Congratulations & best wishes Abraham & Heide!

To listen to more of my original music please click here. You could also watch music video tutorials here.

**On another note, the beautiful cake pictured above was made by my sister-in-law, Kristine Joy. For more information, please visit her blog JoyOfPastries.


6 thoughts on “A New Beginning

    1. Hello Debbie, thanks for listening to my songs, I really appreciate your comments. I’m still writing more songs, as soon as I’m finished I will release the album.

  1. Very beautiful Emil. Your child will cherish those sounds as he/she grows and learns of the beauty of music.

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