4 New Wedding Compositions

I’ve been wanting to share these fairly new compositions I made for my sister-in-law, Debbie and my friend Ian. They got married this past September.

I wrote “I’ve Been Waiting For” as an engagement song for the couple. My wife and I had fun recording this. I could probably say this is an “experimental” song with regards to the technology I used in composing and recording it. This was my first recording using Garageband in my iPad… pretty “historic” time for me considering I’ve been used to using pretty bulky recording studios, a few microphones, etc. I’m stoked having a recording device at my fingertips… Anyway, enough talk about technology. Here, is the song,

“I’ve Been Waiting For.”

The next 3 songs were played by a string quartet during the wedding:

Bridal March
Song For Debbie

Processional Song
“The Marriage”

Recessional Song
Marching Onward

Thanks for listening. Until next time!


2 thoughts on “4 New Wedding Compositions

  1. Thank you Kuya Emil!
    It was perfect for the wedding day! Thank you for making this for our wedding.
    I am listening to it now and it reminds me of that beautiful wedding day.

    Keep composing!


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