2015 Music Recital

On March 22, 2015 we had another successful student Recital. This year’s theme was Royalty — most students came dressed up as Princes, Princesses, Kings & Queens.

For the first time, we had some of my online students (from Northern California, Texas and North Carolina) perform via Skype! It was an exciting and eventful day.

Thanks again to all my students, their parents, family & friends who made this year’s recital a success.

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2014 Student Recital

On February 16, 2014 we had a successful student recital at the California Citrus State Historic Park. Over 50 students performed – first-timers and seasoned performers alike.

Many thanks to all the parents, family and friends who showed their support to our budding musicians. We had a full house and what a show these hardworking students put out there. Bravo and keep up the good work!

Plans for an early 2015 recital are already on the way!


Website Pictorial

(Jacqueline) I’ve been wanting to help out my husband on his blog for some time. I finally made time for it! Yay and this morning we decided to have a mini photo shoot (guess where these shots were taken?) for the blog.


We had a little drizzle earlier but thankfully it stopped while we were “shooting.” Even Michael cooperated–he shovelled dirt while we were busy on the shoot (now, washing his play clothes is a different story of course).

Anyway, we’re hoping to do more on the blog in 2014 so stay tuned!

New Tutorials

Hello Students, Youtube guests and Visitors. Please click the “Music of the day” button or the “Videos” button to get the latest Tutorials, Lyrics and Chords, Tabs, and Piano Music Sheet.

“Gift of Life”

Don’t you just love spring time? Budding new life around you, happy chirping birds, fresh crisp air and everything else that’s nice. I know it’s already fall but, the miracle growing in my wife’s womb beckons back to spring time!

Our baby boy has been a mover in the womb. We know for sure he loves listening to music–he seems to stop and listen whenever we put headphones on my wife’s belly. He’s been listening to Mozart, Vivaldi & Brahms for the past two months now.

The beginning of new life is so heart-warming and inspiring! We are very eager to meet our baby boy in person, hold him in our arms, smell him, love him.

My wife and I wrote a song for him called “Gift of Life” — another song to add to his regular playlist.

Words by Jacqueline Remo
Composed by Emil Remo

For the first time I felt your fluttering kicks
And I think to myself what miracle this is
A life within me is forming and growing
What gift from our God a new life such as this

The miracle of life has changed me from within
More love I have to give as long as I do live
I’ll protect you forever, forsake you never
(For) this miracle of life has changed me forever

For the first time I held you in my arms
The smell of your skin is innocence and love
The world may be cruel but you’ll always be loved
By your father and mother and most by God above


You will always be a miracle
A gift from above