2014 Student Recital

On February 16, 2014 we had a successful student recital at the California Citrus State Historic Park. Over 50 students performed – first-timers and seasoned performers alike.

Many thanks to all the parents, family and friends who showed their support to our budding musicians. We had a full house and what a show these hardworking students put out there. Bravo and keep up the good work!

Plans for an early 2015 recital are already on the way!



“Miss My Love” by Emil Remo

Miss My Love started out as an “experimental” recording. In an effort to explore the features of my recording studio at home, I came up with short tracks here and there. In a week’s time, I ended up with enough short tracks to make up a full song 🙂

So, here is “Miss My Love.” Hope you enjoy it!

You can also listen to the “Miss My Love” here in case the player above does not work for you: Play Emil Remo Music

Emil Remo(Featured photo above: Emil & Jacqueline walking at the Santa Monica Pier with friends. Photo by J’Abby)

“Miss My Love”

By Emil Remo

Life is so much better here with you
Whenever we’re together, everything is true
Baby it’s just you that matters 
You don’t have a clue how I really need you

Don’t let this moment pass you by
When we’re underneath the starry skies
You are here for me, and I am here for you
Wish time won’t pass, I miss my love

You change me for the better, everyday
No one else could ever, make me feel this way
Baby it’s just you that matters
You don’t have a clue how I really need you 

(Repeat Chorus)


Baby it’s just you that matters
You don’t have a clue that I really need you 

(Repeat Chorus)

“My Dearest Jacqueline” by Emil Remo

I composed “My Dearest Jacqueline” for my wife back in 2007 while we were still dating.

Later on, I re-arranged this song for flute, violin, piano, and cello when the Stradivarius String Quartet played this song for us on our wedding day.

You can also listen to the piano recording of the song here if the player above doesn’t work for you: listen

Emil Remo and Jacqueline Remo Wedding

My Dearest Jacqueline by emilremo