“Emil was a great choice for our two sons.  We home school and it saves us time and gas but more importantly it just works great.  Emil is an excellent teacher and his setup for Skype with two cameras is very helpful.  Our sons are progressing and enjoying Emil’s teaching style and talent.  We recommend him to anyone who wants to learn piano and can benefit from distance learning via Skype.”
~Andrew H., California

“As homeschooling parents we were delighted to learn about Emil’s Skype music lessons. The flexibility and convenience of the lessons work out great for our busy schedule. With his use of multiple camera angles and professional audio equipment you get a professional teacher right in your home! The price for the lessons are great and there is no need to purchase sheet music since it is delivered to your email. Most importantly Emil has provided a fun learning experience for our five year old daughter. Katrina has been enjoying her piano lessons and we believe that is because of Emil’s teaching style. His patience and encouragement helps her to confidently strive to learn more. Our experience has been wonderful and we highly recommend him.”
~Steve and Rachel S, Nevada

“I wholeheartedly recommend Emil Remo for musical instruction! I have 3 children in his program ages 12, 10 and 4.  We have done Skype piano and voice lessons for over a year now and we are pleased to have Emil ignite a passion for music into my kids. He creates a healthy, positive learning environment with an individualized plan for each child. I have seen significant improvement in my kids skills as he blends classical training with a modern/personalized  twist. He is prompt, flexible and always encouraging. Were so glad we found him!”
~Carey W, Texas

” Emil is an amazing instructor. He’s patient, helpful and very encouraging! I used to take vocal and flute lessons in-studio with him, but I moved away. I’m excited to hear about his Skyping lesson successes and will definitely consider it! :)”
~Abby E., California

“I appreciate Emil’s patience as a music teacher. My daughter has been taking voice & piano lessons with him for about 2 years now and I am impressed with her growth as an artist. He gives her encouragement & nurtures her confidence as a singer & a musician.”
~Karen L, California

“Emil is a very patient & knowledgeable teacher. He explains very thoroughly & has a wonderful gift for playing the guitar. I have learned a lot from him!”
~Lilia G, California

“Emil is a very talented teacher. I have been taking lessons with Emil for various instruments for 8 years now. His teaching method is very easy to understand & fun!”
~Jackie S, California

“We have been taking lessons with Emil for 4 years now. He makes learning the piano fun for his students! My children have learned a great amount of skill as well as opportunities to perform. It has been an awesome start for developing my children’s love for music!”
~Tricia S, California

“Emil is an excellent music teacher for all 3 of our children. They have been learning voice, piano & guitar from him for about 2 years now. Not only does he teach well, but he makes lessons fun & keeps them interested. We look forward to many more lessons with Emil. Our kids have shown great progress. Thanks Emil!”
~Joy F, California

“Erin’s been learning guitar playing for 10 months now. She looks forward to every class with Mr. Emil. He makes it fun & interesting everytime. She’s made so much progress since she started.”
~Maria C, California

“Piano lessons at a young age have helped my kindergarten twins develop not only physical acuity but the symbolic & measuring concepts taught through reading sheet music have also enhanced their reading & math skills. Emil’s patience is also amazing!”
~Erika F, California

“Thank you so much for being such a great piano teacher. All your patience& dedication are greatly appreciated. You have made piano lessons fun & enjoyable! The music impact you have made on my son will be with him forever! Again, thank you very much!”
~Zachary C, California


10 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Emil Remo is the best music teacher ever.
    I take online piano lessons with him via Skype. Even though my teacher is on the other side of the world, my nightly lessons with him makes my day! I learned to play so many piano pieces that I never thought my fingers could do. His method of teaching makes learning fun, enjoyable, memorable and truly makes impact on how to appreciate music.
    He is the best, he won’t force you, but instead you’ll be the one who will keep on extending your lessons because you’ll get very excited. =)

  2. Emil is an awesome musician and can learn any song on any instrument. I’ve learned so many songs from Emil, whether on the piano, guitar or bass. I’ve been taking lessons from Emil for over 20 years and I highly recommend him as a teacher, as he has so much patience and musical knowledge. I look forward to having my son, Kai, take lessons with Emil…but since he’s only 2 months old, I might have to wait a few years still 🙂

  3. Do you want to learn how to sing, play the piano, or flute? Emil Remo’s the teacher to choose! I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who knows how to play a wide variety of instruments as Emil, and teach it in a fun and effective way. 🙂

  4. Sir Emil Remo taught me something more than just reading musical notes; he taught me how to perform! He taught me to focus on the music rather on the noise or disturbances around. He helped me overcome self-conciousness which may cause a frostbite during performance. I learned to play music for others to enjoy. Thank you Mr. Remo! I’m looking forward to more of your life-changing music lessons! 🙂

  5. Skype lessons with Emil have provided us great flexibility and convenience. All from the comfort of our home, my daughter’s singing skills and her confidence have dramatically improved. Our experience has been wonderful, and we highly recommend him for lessons.

  6. Well Emil taught me a lot for our first Skype session, it was amaizing. The way he works with you is just so fun, and you look forward to every session. The time runs so fast with Emil and he can give you some of the best advices than anyone else. I feel like he knows every song in the world 🙂 I highly recommend him 😀

  7. heyy 😀
    your the best teacher ever. Im currently practicing ur 22 by Taylor Swift Guitar Tutorial. keep it up! your the best!

  8. I had a great lesson with Emil today! I was trying to learn a song for my boyfriend and wanted to learn the picking – and he did an excellent job of teaching me! Very nice guy and a great teacher!

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